Consulting Services

I work on a range of small and large projects, and nonprofit and corporate events… Please see my Skills & Endorsements… I videotape and live stream performances, and edit audio and video for all sorts of projects. I produce websites with movies, shopping carts, downloads, and features like SEO (search engine optimization). I sometimes do […]

Video Production

I am an experienced audio and video producer. I do photo and video shoots, audio and video editing, DVD authoring, print and website production, prepare video for the web, and all the mysterious things that make a website and a campaign successful. I edit in Adobe Premiere CS6 on a Mac Pro with 22GB of […]

Website Production

I handle domain name registration, web and mail server hosting, WordPress site installation, website design and more. I also produce video and audio live webcasting of events, expos and conferences. I can create an economical, dynamically changing website for you! Click for details… Since the dawn of internet time (Web 1.0), I used to create […]