The Spiritual Side of Ed

Ed in whiteFrom Alegria:

Talk with Ed for just a few minutes, and you will realize that he is a veritable fountain of knowledge. And it’s not just your basic knowledge– Ed seems to know about things that no one else knows about. It’s like he has a direct line to some faraway place where the most esoteric knowledge of the Universe is stored, and he receives it and then shares it with the rest of us mortals. And share it he does! Ed has a huge, generous heart and a seemingly irrepressible urge to talk with others about everything he has learned. We’ve affectionately nicknamed him “Edcyclopedia”.

The breadth of Ed’s knowledge is only matched by the breadth of his experiences. He seems to have managed to cram several lifetimes of experiences into his one. He studied psychology and comparative literature in school, and went on to become a Psychiatric Technician, working in emergency rooms and mental health treatment facilities. He worked on the cleanup of Kahoolawe, an island in Hawai’i that was bombed repeatedly for target practice by the US military for many years. He helped with radiation detection and monitoring of Chernobyl, and shipped millions of dollars of Geiger counters (radiation monitors) to Fukushima after the nuclear disaster. He worked with Tibetan refugees in India. He is very involved in crystalline consciousness healing work. He is a tech and media wizard who develops websites and produces and edits audio and video. And the list goes on.prem-baba-and-ed-mauli

One of Ed’s greatest, lifelong passions is dolphins (check out his website here). The story of how he became interested in dolphins reveals his sensitive and compassionate nature: “My introduction to dolphins occurred when I was living in Okinawa. I was twelve years old, traveling by myself by bus on the island, and came upon a bay full of dolphins and pilot whales. Except this was not the joyful discovery that you might think. This was Nago Bay, and the dolphins were being netted and speared to death by fishermen. It was a horrific sight, seeing the bay full of blood and carnage. My emotions and mind were overpowered by the sight I was seeing, and I felt like I went into shock. I felt emotionally blunted by witnessing this event, and had a hard time feeling things emotionally for many years. In my struggle to understand this, I read everything I could find about whales and dolphins. I realized that one of the reasons I felt so impacted by witnessing the killing of the dolphins and pilot whales is that these were conscious beings, with intelligence similar to ours, and with every right to exist peacefully in their water world. I began to see this injustice as interspecies warfare!”

Needless to say, Ed is one-of-a-kind. Consider his family heritage: he was born in Japan to an American nuclear missile technician and a Japanese nuclear survivor. He himself is both an environmental activist and a technology enthusiast. He has a sharp mind and a soft heart. Ed shows us that these things are not contradictory: they are what it means to be a Full-Spectrum Human Being.

Ed met Prem Baba in Maui through Om Aloha, and since then has been an integral part of the California sangha, always happy and willing to host gatherings at his home in Marin.

Thank you Ed, for everything that you do and everything that you are!

*                    *                     *

More Love and appreciation for Ed from the sangha:

– “Where East meets West is where you will find Ed, at rest.
A soft, gentle & innocent presence with an ever curious & razor sharp intellect that seems to contain a bottomless well of metaphysical knowledge & wisdom. If you wish to know about some such, like “The Tibetan Book of the Dead”. .. No need to google it, Just ask Ed.”

– “Ed is involved in so many interesting things, and all of them are devoted to awakening. It seems like community is important to him and he has opened his doors to our Sangha and the world. I’m grateful for his presence and I miss him when he’s absent from our gatherings. He is a very gentle man. His presence is light and joyful, yet very aware. Ed looks great in white and is a good companion in the dark. The first time my eyes fell on him was in Maui and I thought, “what a nice looking man.” Happy Birthday Ed! Great to know you. I wish you true peace, joy, and love.”ed-in-front-of-prem-baba-4

– “Ed, as I celebrate the turning of this new decade for you, I appreciate the childlike sweetness that you embody. Ed has been an enthusiastic member of the California sangha since we first started gathering over two years ago. He is a gracious host in his beautiful home and is always welcoming to newcomers. Ed has a deep connection to the ocean, lives on the water, spends much of his time in Maui and is passionately engaged in work protecting and celebrating the ocean and nature. He is a seeker who has explored many paths and I’m happy he is with us on this Path of the Heart.”