Van Conversion Project

I have a new project! I just got a brand new Ram Promaster diesel cargo van for conversionā€¦ It has a 4-cylinder turbo-charged diesel engine, a six-speed automatic transmission and gets 27 mpg! The lineage of the engine and powertrain is from the Fiat Ducato line (manufactured in Mexico). This model replaces the Dodge Sprinter van lineā€¦

This van has the 136 inch wheelbase, it is the medium-length model with low roof. I can still stand in it though! I am designing the interior, and researching how I want to set it up with different furnishings. This was the only model I could find with the driver’s side cargo door, which will be incredibly convenient! This will be a combination work vehicle and personal mini-RV.

I previously had a gasoline-powered Dodge Scout 26 foot RV that got 5 mpg! I never could afford to drive it, so I mostly moved it around on the street a lot, so that it wouldn’t get a ticket. I lost it and a van in a flood about ten years ago. On Lucky Drive!

After that, I bought a used Chevy van conversion with extended roof that I found at a dealership. I really liked that vehicle, and went to many festivals in that (including Burning Man). Anyway, the point is, I realized that I like having a recreational vehicle! After my van, I had a BMW limo, then a Mitubishi Montero Sport SUV. I realized that I missed my van conversion. I saw on opportunity to build a custom vehicle with the Ram Promaster.

I always admired the newer RVs that I have seen based on the Sprinter line. Then I started seeing the RVs that were built in Europe based on the Fiat line. I liked their design a lot better than the other offerings on the market. I am hoping that this vehicle will be well-supported in the US…