Video Production

ed_6172I am an experienced audio and video producer. I do photo and video shoots, audio and video editing, DVD authoring, print and website production, prepare video for the web, and all the mysterious things that make a website and a campaign successful.

I edit in Adobe Premiere CS6 on a Mac Pro with 22GB of memory, a 1TB startup SSD and a 12TB video RAID hard disk system with two large display screens. I edit in Final Cut Pro 7, Final Cut Pro X, and Adobe Premiere CS6 on a MacBook Pro Retina with 16GB, 1TB SSD. I also use the MacBook Pro Retina for field editing and webcasting with Wirecast. I use a Thunderbolt BlackMagic UltraStudio Mini Recorder and a USB Magewell digitizer to capture uncompressed HD video from the camera to the computer, and look forward to even higher-resolution results in my projects.

My production tools include a Panasonic Lumix GH4 4K DSLR camera for still photography and video production, and a Sony NEX-VG20 2K video camera for event recording or webcasting music and events. I have several lenses for the cameras. I also have Sony 3-chip video miniDV format cameras. I do video and audio recording projects and multi-cam editing and streaming. I also do multimedia production, media conversion services and more.

My resume is here

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Here is some of my AV production for shows

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My Enlightened Films Channel and Website

California Alpine Club – California Alpine Club 2013 Centennial video project. Ed Ellsworth, Video Editor

Harbin thru the Decades – Garden play at Harbin Hot Springs with the August 9 resident cast. Ed Ellsworth, Videographer

Marianne Williamson Gala Fundraiser – I shot and edited these larger frame HD videos with my latest DSLR interchangeable lens Sony NEX-VG20 video camera. Because of the small camera size and portability, and that the battery lasts so long, I am able to position myself close to the speakers at an event in a crowded, noisy room and at least capture an archive of the event for the organizer. Ed Ellsworth, Videographer

Justine Gabrielle presents Makka-ho Exercises – The Sony NEX-VG20 onboard shotgun mic pics up audio from the subject well, will record in stereo or Dolby 5.1, without needing a lavalier mic on her. The camera captures a good image, even in low light conditions. I am shooting everything as high resolution HD video now, to SD memory card and editing in Final Cut Pro. Ed Ellsworth, Videographer and Editor

Sacred Awakening… a one of a kind 67 Card Deck created by Sa’arah… Ed Ellsworth, Videographer and Editor
I used a white screen backdrop for this promotional video.

I shot and edited this video of the monks from Sera Monastery creating and dissolving a sand mandala painting. Ed Ellsworth, Videographer


I shot and edited this video The Nutrition Pathway for Beyond Health. It features Raymond Francis, author of Never Be Sick Again. Ed Ellsworth, Videographer and Editor


I shot and edited this video Visionary Art, Music and Video Festival at the Palace of Fine Arts. It features muscians, dancers and animation composited and chroma-keyed by me. Ed Ellsworth, Videographer and Editor


I edited this video Inspired Earth for Michael Bailey and Greenpeace Action. It features Patricia Watson as the narrator. Ed Ellsworth, Video Editor


I edited this video Youth Challenge for Whole Life Expo and the Wisdom Channel. Ed Ellsworth, Video Editor


I edited this video of the Grand Wailea Resort & Spa as a demo reel for an interactive touchscreen project for the hotel and activities industry on Maui. Ed Ellsworth, Video Editor


Media Wizards animation video reel, produced by Ed Ellsworth (Maui Research & Technology Center). Ed Ellsworth, Video Editor