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Sophia Songhealer

Sample of Over and Over from Sophia Songhealer

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1 San Diego Serenade

2 Over and Over

3 Sweet Inspiration

4 Rain Song

5 Feelin’ Good

6 Dream Dancer

7 Dream Song

8 Of Thee I Sing

9 Imagine

10 Morning of the World

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Turn to the Sun

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Sophia, who calls herself a songhealer, has produced ten recordings since 1978. She began composing and performing her own uplifting songs in the late sixties. These five CD recordings are her most recent offerings. For information about earlier, cassette only albums, including Roots & Wings, Turn to the Sun, Shine! Big Sur Celebration, Legend of the Rose, and Of Thee I Sing, please contact Sophia directly at 800-659-5615 or Thanks!



Sophia’s latest, greatest offing yet! In this blissful follow up to Chakra Healing Chants Sophia Takes you once again to the place where the spiritual and sensual meet. Immerse yourself in the beauty and healing power of the Divine Feminine. Drift away on currents of sacred sound and connect with the healing wisdom within your mind, body, heart and soul. Spirit Healing Chants includes some of Sophia’s all-time favorite songs, and she is joined by special singer/songwriters who have contributed to this recording: Micheal Stillwater, Fantuzzi and Buddy Comfort. World class musicians include long-time collaborator Raphael (keyboards), Daniel Paul (tablas), and many others.

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1. Blessed 17:08 2. Shakti Serenade


Part 1. Blessed Am I Part 1. Shakti Serenade
Part 2. Blessed Are The Peacemakers Part 2. Universal Lover / Goddess Prayer
Part 3. Shakti Serenade Reprise
3. Keepers Of The Garden/ We Are The Ones 9:00 4. Celebrate This Day 6:53
5. Heart of the Mother / I Am One 9:15

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Embark on a healing journey through the Chakras on a river of sacred sound. Sophia’s inspiring, soothing vocals, ancient and original chants, are accompanied by stellar musicians including keyboard maestro Raphael (Music to Disappear In, Angels of the Deep), cellist Hans Christian (Rasa), David Gordon on native flute and drum (Drum Medicine), tabla virtuoso Girish Gambhira (Krishna Das), Schawkie Roth on bamboo flute and Wynne Paris, sarod. This music is perfect for yoga, sacred dance, and the healing arts.

Each of the Chakra meditations emerged from principles of Sacred Sound (or sound healing) that include Shamanic chants,  vowel sounds, Eastern Mandala and Cabalistic Sephiroth (planetary emanations of the boundless light). Sanskrit and Hebrew are two seed languages that have a profound spiritual effect.

Click here listen to selections from Chakra Healing Chants

1. Gaia Shekhina Nama Om 8:40 5. Thy Song 6:24
2. Uma…Jai Ma 9:28 6. Infinite Wisdom 8:22
3. The Orbit – Nam Myoho 5:31 7. Be Still 5:28
4. Heart of Earth 7:46 8. The Beginning 5:23

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Sophia’s personal favorite, RETURN, invokes the mystery, majesty and passion of the Goddess, from the benediction of angelic grace to the healing bliss of erotic fire. Supporting Sophia’s “voice of gold, full of power and love,” is exquisite orchestration arranged in collaboration with keyboard genius Raphael (Intimacy, Music to Disappear In, Angels of the Deep) and featuring inspired soloists including Jai Uttal, Steve Gorn and Bhagavan Das. Return’s seamless production leads us deeper and higher with each movement, culminating in a profound initiation into the conscious embodiment of the Divine Feminine in this world.

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1. Return 5:43 4. Body of the Goddess/IAm 5:21
2. Prayer for the Warriors 8:07 5. Laxshmi 9:40
3. Shekhinah Shakti 6:16 6. Anya 16:40

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This recording has been widely used for massage, meditation, relaxation, rituals and tantra. Each side is an extended piece, beginning with SACRED GROUND‘s heartbeat pulse which carries us from the birthing chant of Sweet Surrender, through a sensual, enchanting Bengali bhajan (East Indian devotional chant), the powerful Native American (Lakota) chant, The Earth is Our Mother. These three prayers culminate in a fugue which intertwines then all, bridging East and West and creating a temple of sacred sound. HIDDEN WATERS is a flowing, moving meditation of wind and water, with zither, lyrical bamboo flute and Sophia’s serene vocalist. This simple yet profound recording features the keyboard artistry and depth of Raphael, whose passion, rhythm, and subtlety match Sophia’s own.

Click here to Listen to excerpts from Hidden Waters/Sacred Ground

1. Sweet Surrender 7:47 2. Charaana Kamara * 8:20 3. The Earth is our Mother 4:21
4. Sacred Ground Round 2:20 5. Shine in Me 23:34
* Bengali Devotional Chant: “When the blind man searches for God, he has eyes to see.”

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emergenc_ EMERGENCE: Collection I

This retrospective of “Sophia’s Hits” dating back to 1978 and her first recording, Roots & Wings, includes some new versions of previously released songs as well as something new. As Dr. Steven Halpern says:

“Over the past 21 years I have enjoyed the work of legendary New Age vocalist Sophia. Emergence, her ninth recording, brings together many of her all-time best songs in one dynamic anthology. It is sure to delight her existing fans and gain her the wider audience she richly deserves.”

Click here to listen to Selections from Emergence

1. Gentle with Myself 3:46 7. The Earth is our Mother 4:45
2. All My Relations 4:00 8. Dream Song 6:00
3. Keepers of the Garden 7:00 9. A New and Brighter Day 5:15
4. Street Singer 7:25 10. Love Is (The Healing Power) 4:15
5. Prayer for the Warriors 6:40 11. One Song 4:50
6. Prayer of St. Francis / I Am Sustained 6:00

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Follow the path of the heart from the first tentative touch to hosannahs of deep Tantric embrace. Profound yet simple songs serenade the God/dess in hiding, soothe away separations between Self and Beloved, body, mind, heart and Spirit. These songs have had powerful therapeutic impact; deep, gentle transformative magic for work with couples, groups and communion with oneself.

Click here Listen to Selections from Journey Into Love

1. Nobody’s Fools 4:20 6. The Wedding Blessing 6:06
2. Heal Me with Your Love 3:12 7. Prayer of St. Francis 2:34
3. Fill Me 3:30 8. I Am Sustained 3:19

4. In the Temple of my Heart 6:02

9. Contemplation Chant 4:10
5. I Open my Heart to You 4:02 10. Blessings Upon You 4:12

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