New Living Expo

Birthing a New World: The 21st Century Visionary

Moderator: Ed Ellsworth

Panelists: Dick Sutphen, Aurora Juliana Ariel, PhD, Caroline Casey, Jean Houston, PhD

At this historic time, humanity is undergoing an Awakening so vast and incomprehensible; it is creating an unparalleled leap in the soul evolution of the planet. Ancient prophecies spoke of a time when the planet would face dire potentials and Awakening Souls would help turn the tide. Now we are living it! Hear our expert author’s unique perspective on this Shift of the Ages and 2012, and find out how you can play your own unique role in the coming times. This panel of experts brings to light the significance of the Mayan Calendar, Earth Changes, End Time Predictions, prophetic future visions, the Violet People (a new emerging mystic culture), and why your choices are important to our present planetary equation.

New Living Expo 2012: THE SHIFT OF THE AGES A Panel Of 2012 Experts and Authors View  Movies

Earth 2012 author Aurora Juliana Ariel