Hello, is there something I can help you with? I videotape performances and events, create graphics and edit video and audio. I create DVD discs and Audio CDs, including the disc face artwork and packaging. I produce audio and video download sites. Sometimes I do consulting or work-for-hire production and nonprofit work.

Most of the time, I create and administer websites for individuals and organizations that request that type of support. I also work with people and their hardware and software computer problems, backup, training and purchasing decisions, for both Mac and PC. If you need a hardware or software consultant, want help in creating a multimedia project, would like to create a website, or are seeking a technology director for a live event – contact me! As your projects get larger, they get more complex. These projects can benefit from my technical and problem-solving experience, when you need project management or consulting from an experienced producer. Talk to me about promoting your event or conference with a live webcast!

These pages contain some of my production work, projects, movies and websites. These pages also contain movies, information and links from others, that may be developed by me into a movie about 2012. Some of the pages will show my interests in evolution, spirituality, dolphins and whales, and the other mysteries of life; here and above and beyond.


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Ed Ellsworth


Technical Director – I can help your live event, expo or conference happen technically.

Video Producer – Video camera work, lighting, audio recording, and editing services.

Media Services – Tape transfer to DVD, convert and upload video for YouTube, Vimeo.